A thought is just a drop in the ocean that makes a ripple, but it’s action that creates the waves.


- Anthony Liccione

What We Do

NVR Action and Practice CIC is a London-based Social Enterprise Company providing bespoke Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) programmes for local community agencies, individual professionals and parents with Lived Experience of NVR inside and outside of London.

Our directors have over 10 years' experience working together to design, plan, run and supervise NVR parenting groups, and professional trainings. This is as well as Julia's own individual experience working with NVR across diverse communities, have brought together under NVR Action and Practice CIC to offer their expertise to other professionals and parent groups.

Together they work to bring their innovative programmes using the Five C's to groups across London and England.

The NVR Approach

"The NVR approach was adapted for parents, carers, families, schools and communities to cope with challenging children and adolescents."

(Omer, 2004, 2011)

Our Approach

Our approach can be summarised using the five C's


Connection before Correction

Promoting work that creates deep understanding and empathy for others



Working closely with parents, carers and communities with the aim to promote voices which were previously often unheard, untold or misrepresented


Contemporary & Culturally Diverse

We are committed to new ways of working, thinking and to the creation of solutions to challenging situations and difficult problems beyond the boundaries of tradition, culture, race, class, gender or age



Through the regulation of shame, the Non-violent Resistance approach facilitates the development of self-esteem- building qualities in people and situations where they were previously inaccessible


Community Building

We are committed to creating communities which take active collective responsibility for bringing about positive change based on shared values

So with our approach, we aim to benefit young people through the addressing of extremely challenging behaviours inside and outside of their homes, parents who struggle with re-building their relationships with their children and communities working with young people and their families and carers

Map of Non-Violent Resistance

To download the Map of Non-violent Resistance in PDF format, please click here (opens in new window)