What people are saying about us

From International NVR Practitioners

"Elisabeth and Julia are among the best NVR practitioners worldwide. In their work, they bring a big heart, deep wisdom and a ton of experience. They have developed the most elaborated and efficient NVR parent groups. Elisabeth and Julia are masters in connecting with people, instilling hope and motivating parents to be at their best."

Uri Weinblatt, PhD

From International NVR Practitioners

'The way Elisabeth and Julia connect parents and children is characterised by empathy and deep respect. They advise, instruct and support the family and at the end of the process the parents feel empowered and able to communicate with their children from a containing perspective.'

Ziv Gilad, PhD Organisational Psychologist and Personal Trainer in Haifa, Israel

From Agencies

'The NVR approach has brought tremendous benefits to the service that CAMHS offers to parents and families. It has transformed our way of working with parents and other agencies in the borough leading to a much more integrated approach and one that parents can genuinely connect with in an environment where they don’t feel judged. With the whole emphasis in NVR being on parents re-building their relationships with their child(ren), and the use of active supporters, identified by parents themselves, parents have found the course very empowering.

The NVR training has equipped us to deliver a high quality intervention to parents of children within our Conduct pathway; we are now looking to extend this into other areas of our work.'

Percy Aggett, Psychological Therapies & Clinical Team Lead/Associate Clinical Director Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service and Emma Fayter, NVR Coordinator ELFT & Tower Hamlets CAMHS