About Us

NVR Action and Practice CIC is a London-based Social Enterprise Company providing bespoke Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) programmes for local community agencies, individual professionals and parents with Lived Experience of NVR inside and outside of London.

Our directors have over 10 years’ experience working together to design, plan, run and supervise NVR parenting groups, and professional trainings. This, as well as Julia’s own experiences working with NVR across diverse communities, they have brought together under NVR Action and Practice CIC to offer their expertise to other professionals and parent groups.

Together they work to bring their innovative programmes using the Five C’s to groups across London and England.

International NVR Charter Antwerp 2012
"We commit to the principles of NVR in our life and work. In the spirit of Ghandi, Martin Luther King and others we support each other in the promotion and the dissemination of the NVR attitude in ourselves, in families, schools, communities, organizations and in the political sphere. We raise our voice and take a stand for a responsible leadership in an open and transparent manner."

Meet The Team


Dr Julia Jude


Julia is a senior systemic lecturer at the University of Bedfordshire, a doctoral supervisor, a member of the teaching staff of the professional doctorate in systemic practice, systemic therapist/group psychotherapist.

She has over 25 years' experience of experience working with young people and their families in a broad range of settings such as CAHMS, education, youth work, and social care. In addition to this Julia has over 10 years' experience of facilitating NVR parent groups.


Birte Leimkuehler

Course Administrator

Birte is a training administrator in the field of adoption with more than 13 years of experience at PAC-UK/Family Action. Training provided is tailored to the need of adoptive parents, permanent carers, social workers and other professionals working in permanency.

Her role is to ensure the smooth running of the courses from the point of inception through to the training events themselves.


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Haim Omer's website: https://www.haimomer-nvr.com/

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